Introducing our PURE collection! This collection screams AMBIANCE! PURE is our GORGEOUS, simplistic, unscented, coconut wax candles. PURE is formulated with unscented coconut wax and cotton wicks to create a top shelf clean and slow burning candle experience. These candles come in many variations of sizes and shapes to fit your tablescape and entertaining needs. This collection is the perfect addition to set any ambiance with the most beautiful glow without adding any scent that would rival your beautiful prepared food as well as allowing you to burn multiple candles at a time without overwhelming the air with too many scents. These candles allow a mood setting atmosphere in every space in your home for entertaining. Enjoy the single glow of one of our beautiful Pure blends or group them together with different sizes, heights, and shapes to form the PERFECT ambiance tailor made for your tables or desired space. Enjoy setting the most beautiful PURE glow in your home. 

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  • cylinder pillar PURE collection/ large double wick
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